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At Least Mulberry’s Got Cara Delevingne, Owls

Photo: Mulberry

What better way to distract everyone from the departure of Mulberry’s creative director, Emma Hill, than to shoot Cara Delevingne and a flock of adorable owls posing in a drafty old estate in the British countryside? This is probably the coolest ad campaign of the season so far. Owls are an ideal fashion animal, after all: They stay up all night, don’t eat carbs, and have dainty little beaks. If they could be bothered to wake up during the day, they’d probably wear sunglasses all the time. 

What do you call a fashion owl? One who doesn’t give a hoot.

Did Cara really have to sit still with live owls perched all over her? It seems unlikely, but that’s probably for the best.

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At Least Mulberry’s Got Cara Delevingne, Owls