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Male Gaze: Young Tom Cruise, Cher’s Great Lover

Photo: Ron Galella/Getty Images

Tom Cruise is a man of surprises. First surprise: He dated Cher in 1985. “It was a long, long time ago, and neither one of us ever talked about it, and I don’t know why,” Cher said five years ago. Second surprise: He was one of the greatest lovers Cher ever had. “He was in the top five,” Cher said yesterday. “I had just the greatest lovers ever.”

For today’s vintage edition of Male Gaze, turn back time with this dreamy photo of a young Tom Cruise. The image dates to 1986, the year Top Gun came out. Back when Tom was strong enough for Cher.

And since it breaks the laws of the Internet to invoke Top Gun without including one of those wistful “Take My Breath Away” YouTube mash-ups, here’s one of those, too.

Happy Friday!

Male Gaze: Young Tom Cruise, Cher’s Great Lover