Martha Stewart: ‘I Feel Sorry for Paula Deen’

Asked from a telephone caller on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens L!ve whether or not she supports Paula Deen, Martha Stewart explained, “I feel sorry for Paula Deen. She’s a public figure and I know you have to be extremely careful when you’re a public figure.”

After all, Deen’s situation is probably giving Martha some horrific flashbacks to 2002. Prior to her days popping up on morning talk shows to rave about Match.com, Stewart also felt the effects of the press; she obviously was sentenced to prison for insider trading. Though she served her time in 2004, her empire is still feeling the effects today. “I don’t really want to say if I agree with it or not, but I feel like you have to really watch yourself,” she added. “Especially in this day in age with cameras all over you and Google and records. I mean … that’ll be there forever!”

As for her opinion on whether or not the Food Network was right to cancel Deen’s show, Stewart replied, “No comment.” Watch the clip below.

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Martha Stewart: ‘I Feel Sorry for Paula Deen’