Melissa McCarthy Worried About Her Weight Until She Realized It Was a Waste of Time

Melissa McCarthy.
Melissa McCarthy. Photo: More

Like many women, Melissa McCarthy had phases of stressing out about her weight. (It probably didn’t help that red carpet interviewers couldn’t find anything better to gush over than her “voluptuousness” and how “we love to eat.”) “At 20 you don’t have any responsibilities, so of course you’re a shallow narcissist. You can’t appreciate anything, you’re so self-absorbed,” she tells More magazine, adding that she’s fluctuated between “every size in the world,” including a 6. “I bought into it — I should be taller, thinner, have better hair. But I think that’s part of being young … Now, especially with kids, you lose any sense of time or energy to worry about all the little stuff. It’s like the chip was taken out.” And thank goodness for that, because she has more important things to do, like be goddamn hilarious.

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Melissa McCarthy Used to Worry About Her Weight