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Here’s a GIF of Nicki Minaj’s Animated Cartoon Penis

Ciara released an animated lyrics video for Nicki Minaj collaboration and song-of-the-summer candidate “I’m Out” today. Among its many wonders: an animated cartoon penis.

The image appears when Nicki boasts, “I got a big fat ass, big dicks follow.” When it comes to boasting, “big dicks follow” turns out to be a surprisingly versatile comment. Look how great these boasts become when followed by an animated cartoon penis:

“I am fluent in Old English.”

“My boobs are two different sizes.”

“I just ate a sleeve of Oreo cookies.”

Here’s a bonus “Do my hair, put on some makeup, yea yea yea” GIF. Happy Wednesday!

Nicki Minaj’s Animated Cartoon Penis in GIF Form