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NYU Law Student Is Making Ruth Bader Ginsburg a Meme

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Thanks to some legendary quips, retorts, and sass during this week’s Supreme Court proceedings, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has earned herself her very own Tumblr shrine, created by NYU Law student and longtime RBG fan Shana Knizhnik.

“On Monday and Tuesday, my Facebook feed was abuzz with reactions to the disappointing decisions that had come out as well as RBG’s amazing dissenting opinions, and a friend of mine from law school posted the hashtag #notoriousRBG on one of his posts,” she told the Cut. “This gave me the immediate idea to start the Tumblr, and the rest is history.”

NotoriousRBG is just the latest in a string of epic power-women Tumblr tributes, including Beyonce Art History, Fuck Yeah, Hillary Clinton, Texts from Hillary, and Lean In. Will the Tumblrization of powerful women ever stop? No? Great.

The two-day-old Tumblr has been overwhelmed with submissions, many of which highlight things we never knew about the Justice. She has an affinity for dainty lace gloves; there’s a soon-to-be published comic book about her life: Female Force: Ruth Bader Ginsburg; and this T-shirt is for sale. At least, until it sells out.

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NYU Law Student Is Making Bader Ginsburg a Meme