Solange Knowles: ‘Next-Level Carpool Driver’

Photo: Billy Farrell/BFANYC.com/BFA NYC

Solange Knowles tells Brooklyn Magazine she relocated to the borough from Los Angeles because she couldn’t hack being a single, working mom to Julez, now 8, without all the friends and family (like, you know, Beyoncé) here.

“It’s such a beautiful feeling, but also having that village is a necessary reality so that I’m able to pursue my passion both outside of motherhood and outside of my career.”

She adds that being basically the coolest mom ever does not exempt her from feeling like a birthday party chauffeur.

“I played BAM on Friday, and the following morning I had to pick Julez up from a sleepover and take him to parties, one over in Flatbush, one over in Red Hook. And luckily I have a car here, but sometimes I feel like nothing more than a next-level carpool driver.”

Just wait until Julez turns 13, when, in our experience, the parental job description becomes “ATM on wheels.”

Solange Knowles: ‘Next-Level Carpool Driver’