Street Style: The Most Dazzling and Mystical at the Mermaid Parade

Photo: Bek Andersen

This Saturday, Coney Island transformed into a sparkly, sequin-filled dream hub for mermaids, mermen, and every wild variation of sea creatures, sea gods, and sea goddesses to celebrate the Mermaid Parade’s 30th anniversary. The Cut’s Bek Andersen hunted through masses of fake hair, pounds of makeup, mermaid tails, and netting to snap some of the best looks from the event. An orange fish, a lady in a lobster fascinator, Captain Jack Sparrow, and humans colorful merpeople were all dressed in seashells, fishnets, mossy plants, and sequins that stole the show. And from the sheer amount of hair chalk and pastel-colored wigs present in the crowd, this Mermaid Parade could have doubled as a My Little Pony convention. (There was a unicorn head spotting, after all). Click through the slides to see body paint, body parts, flashy makeup, and tons of fearless humans strutting their stuff as they frolicked down Surf Avenue.

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Street Style: Dazzling at the Mermaid Parade