Stylist Annabel Tollman Has Died

Annabel Tollman. Photo: Photo: Neil Rasmus/ NYC

Stylist Annabel Tollman died suddenly in her sleep from a blood clot this week in her West Village apartment, sources confirm. She was in her late thirties.* Known for dressing celebrity clients like the Olsen twins, Shakira, and Liv Tyler, Tollman also worked as Interview’s first-ever fashion director.

Born in Brussels, Tollman was raised between London and New York, and earned her degree in fashion journalism from Central St. Martins. She began dressing Scarlett Johansson after they met on a cover shoot for Interview in 2003, and left the magazine to pursue celebrity styling full-time in 2008. In 2010, she was profiled in the Times when she became a spokeswoman for eBay Fashion. At the time of her death, she was in the process of developing a Bravo reality show.

Tollman applied her personal motto, “Make a fairy tale and go and live in it,” to both life and fashion. While friends and family will remember her warmth and intelligence, the public will remember what every creative person wants to be known for: her work. According to her website, she prided herself on “her old-Hollywood glamour aesthetic and her ability to work with both the most gamine and the most curvaceous of bodies.” Here’s a roundup of her best moments in celebrity styling through the years.

* There are conflicting reports about her age. While a November 2010 New York Times profile stated her age as 33 (so, born in 1977), the paper now states that she was 39 (born in 1974) at the time of her death. Her birthday was March 7.

Stylist Annabel Tollman Has Died