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Taylor Swift’s Fan Army Defeats Abercrombie Slut-Shamers

Photo: imagur,Jag Gundu/Getty Images

Abercrombie & Fitch has pulled a T-shirt that makes fun of Taylor Swift — “# more boyfriends than t.s.” — from its shelves this week amid massive fan outcry. Company headquarters had to change its voicemail to deal with the flood of Swift fans, noting that the shirt is no longer available. (Oddly enough, Swift posed for the store’s quarterly magazine about a million years ago, crying and holding a guitar.) The store should have recalled the shirt anyway, for making no sense. Hashtags do not support spaces and punctuation, and for a 23-year-old woman, Swift has not had a lot of boyfriends. The tabloid and lyrical narrative is that she’s a serial, though not prolific, monogamist with a handful of ex-boyfriends. Having more boyfriends than Taylor Swift is nothing to write home about. Unless she’s having more fun than we know (and this Vine of her watching Titanic with her cat is a ruse), but I’m not going to take it from the guys who don’t know how hashtags work. And, we should all be careful. It’s scary to think what her army could accomplish if mobilized for evil.

Taylor Swift’s Fan Army Defeats Abercrombie