Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue Gets The Bling Ring Treatment

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Wherever the Bling Ring cast travels, it now seems inevitable that a jewel heist will follow — or, in New York’s case, occur just prior to the red-carpet premiere. Joining the back-to-back gem thefts that added an air of mystery-drama-crime to Cannes is another casual walkout burglary that occurred at the Tiffany & Co. shop on Fifth Avenue last Friday. The New York Daily News reports that police are on the lookout for “a well-dressed thief” who swiped two necklaces worth $100,000 off the store’s counter after distracting the store clerk. Does this mean Coppola’s film will trigger mass jewel hysteria upon national release? At the very least, expect to see the Tiffany & Co. flagship bulk up security with an army of personal guards.

Tiffany’s on Fifth Gets The Bling Ring Treatment