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Watch a Disenchanted Sky Ferreira Act in In Real Life

Sky Ferreira: In Real Life on

The latest video from NOWNESS is a nearly two-minute debut art film by Grant Singer starring the platinum-haired actress-model-singer Sky Ferreira. Titled IRL (Internet lingo for In Real Life, obvs) the short is scripted by V magazine’s Patrik Sandberg, and follows the life of a party girl in New York named Angel (a.k.a Ferreira) who’s fallen into disenchantment with her life. In the excerpt above, Angel comes home late from a “night out” only to be confronted by her angsty on-screen boyfriend, model Chris Wetmore, who’s waiting for her on a pink couch. He then spews out words in a gruff, staccato-like delivery: “You are the most important person to me in this entire. Disgusting. Planet. I hate the fact that you never want to be with just me … Don’t you understand that this whole generation needs to end? It’s sickening to me … I hate everybody in this entire world.” NOWNESS calls it “an eye-opening look into the reality of young life in New York.” So, basically, the fashion world’s take on Girls and Frances Ha? Wetmore’s even a former soldier, just like Adam Driver. Click the video above to get lost in a sea of existential young adult angst.

Watch Sky Ferreira Act in In Real Life