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Where Penthouse Outtakes Go: Erotic Photo Hunt

The secrets of dive bar touchscreen video game Erotic Photo Hunt have been revealed. Sometimes known as “Nudie Hunt” or “Titty Touch,” the game invites players to “spot the difference” between crudely Photoshopped softcore photos. In an interview with the Philadelphia City Paper, Erotic Photo Hunt boss Jim Hartman describes sourcing images from Penthouse’s archives (“I guess Penthouse can do whatever they want with those pictures”) and his staff’s greatest hits: 

CP: What’s the funniest Photoshop job you remember?

JH: One of the people who used to work here, she was a little more advanced at Photoshop than the rest of us — at one point she put a cat in the picture shooting lasers out of its eyes. [Laughs.]

If you ever get that image, immediately take a picture and tweet it at the Cut.

Hartman also offers playing advice: “Don’t go for the breasts first, it’s almost never that unless they’re wearing something. That was kind of a mandate of mine, not to change the nipples.” In Erotic Photo Hunt, as in life, the nipples are sacred.

Where Penthouse Outtakes Go: Erotic Photo Hunt