bikini bodies!

With Justin Theroux, a Celebrity Penis Euphemism Is Born

Photo: Mok / Splash News/?

The Eskimo have 50 words for snow, and American celebrity magazines have as many for famous women having bodies. Terms like “showing some leg,” “flaunting curves,” “revealing side- and/or underboob,” “debuting baby bumps,” “suffering a nip-slip,” “wardrobe malfunction,” “crotch shot,” or “vajayjay flash” provide the cover of news value so readers may freely ogle.

The same magazines have struggled, historically, to draw attention to the body parts of their male counterparts. Or maybe they just weren’t looking that closely. Until now. “Justin Theroux goes commando jogging,” Us Weekly reports, “channeling Jon Hamm.

With Justin Theroux, a Penis Euphemism Is Born