Would-Be VA Governor Ken Cuccinelli Wants to Outlaw Oral and Anal Sex

Photo: Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post

Ten years after Lawrence v. Texas found laws that criminalize oral and anal sex unconstitutional (and one day before the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down), Virginia Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli filed an appeal asking the Supreme Court to revive the homophobic legislation.

According to Cuccinelli, the Huffington Post reports, sodomy bans are “an important tool that prosecutors use to put child molesters in jail.” Virginia’s state sodomy ban was struck down after it was used to give a felony conviction to a 47-year-old man who solicited anal sex from a girl who was 17, the age of consent in the state, and Cucinnelli pinky swears that he will only use the archaic law to try cases involving minors and rapists. But, as Mother Jones points out, Cuccinelli has blocked legislation that would fix the sodomy law (so it would only apply to minors and rapists) and “made clear that he objected to oral and anal sex on principle.” In 2009, he told a newspaper, “My view is that homosexual acts — not homosexuality, but homosexual acts — are wrong. They’re intrinsically wrong. And I think in a natural law-based country, it’s appropriate to have policies that reflect that … They don’t comport with natural law.” We’re sure he has no idea what he’s missing out on.

Would-Be VA Governor Wants to Outlaw Oral Sex