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Amanda Bynes Placed on Psychiatric Hold

Photo: Splash News

After several days of public disturbances, California law enforcement placed Amanda Bynes under 5150 psychiatric hold on Monday night, the New York Daily News and Associated Press report. The 27-year-old allegedly “started a small fire in the driveway of a home” in Thousand Oaks, California, prompting local authorities to compel a psychiatric evaluation. The 5150 hold is the same 72-hour emergency psychiatric order a 26-year-old Britney Spears underwent in 2008.

The night before the driveway fire, a Thousand Oaks retirement community called the cops to report a seemingly drunk Bynes for trespassing. TMZ reports that Bynes, who grew up in the area, became agitated when village officials denied her access to the facilities. They called a taxi for her, but she told the driver she had no money to pay for the ride, then returned to the village. Law enforcement reportedly detained Bynes there, too, but did not seem to arrest her.

Bynes has undergone legally mandated psychiatric evaluation before. Two months ago, the NYPD ordered an evaluation after Bynes’s arrest for reckless endangerment, evidence tampering, and marijuana possession after she allegedly tossed a bong out the window of her apartment. Those charges are still pending. (Bynes wore a blue wig to a recent bong-related court date.) As far as we know, she has not been charged with crimes for the retirement-village incident or driveway-fire imbroglio.

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Amanda Bynes Placed on Psychiatric Hold