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Art Exhibit Explores What It Means to Apologize

Photo: Sandy Kim
Photo: Terry Richardson

To celebrate the second issue of the literary mag Apology, editor-in-chief and founder Jesse Pearson has curated an exhibition of art centered around exploring how we apologize. Pearson, former EIC of Vice, who calls Apology “a sophisticated alternative to sophomoric magazines and a sophomoric alternative to sophisticated magazines,” chose works from Terry Richardson, Laurie Simmons, Roe Ethridge, and many other artists whom Pearson calls friends and former creative colleagues. “Each piece in the show deals in some way with either flowers or candy, which are the two most classic and clichéd gestures of apology,” says Pearson. “There are other forms of apology, for sure, but flowers and candy are interesting to me because they’re so rote. And the very idea of a bouquet from a bodega or a Whitman’s Sampler somehow making things better is funny.” The show runs August 1 through 31 at the Agnes b. Galerie in Soho. And, of course, for the opening-night party, guests will not receive flowers or chocolate, but custom pastries from James Beard Award–winning pastry chef (and punk rock drummer) Brooks Headly.

Photo: Richard Kern

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Art Exhibit Explores What It Means to Apologize