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Best Bet: Rowley Eyewear No. 74 Sunglasses

Photo: Courtesy photo

Many eyewear companies now offer an added incentive to your purchase; they’ll donate to a charity or send a pair to someone in need. The latest to do so is designer Cynthia Rowley, with her Rowley Eyewear line. Her plan: $50 a year or $5 a month gets you membership into their Rowley Care program. Then, if you want to order extra frames or break the ones you own, the replacements are half off retail price. With both optical and sunglassses on offer, consider it a nice way to mix up your eyewear game, especially if you’re klutzy or forgetful. One standout is the No.74 style with its half tortoiseshell frame and oversize, slightly cat-eye shape that gives it a retro-yet-modern edge.

Rowley Eyewear No.74 sunglasses, $99 at Rowley Eyewear

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