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Best Bet: Topshop Organza Insert Calf Skirt

It can be hard to find a balance between looking pretty and stylish. Today’s trends tend to lean in favor of androgyny. Wear anything black, baggy, leather and everyone wonders what magazine you work for. “Pretty,” on the other hand, often falls to the girly (and sometimes dorky) wayside. This skirt from Topshop strikes the right balance. Powder blue and just-below-knee-length, it’s ladylike and sweet. The organza insert, however, wipes away any hint of saccharine and nods to the sheer panels seen on the SS13 runway. Pair the skirt with unexpected shoes and you’re Lincoln Center–ready come September. Is she headed to the ballet, people will wonder, or to a runway show?

Topshop skirt, $96.

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