The Best Famous-Yet-Casual Looks at Comic-Con

Photo: Getty Images

Comic-Con brings big-name celebrities to San Diego to promote huge blockbusters, of course: It’s a major promotion vehicle for the projects — a panel or preview at Comic-Con can make or break a movie’s buzz.

But there’s also a strange upside to shilling to fans who’ve waited twelve hours in line to attend a Thor panel: Unlike those at Cannes or Sundance or the Oscars, this crowd doesn’t care as much about what a celebrity is wearing. But a photo-op is a still photo-op. Stars have to figure out how to balance the more relaxed convention dress code with their need to be flashbulb-ready. From video-game tribute shirts to simple, understated designer dresses, click ahead to see how Keri Russell, Zoe Kravitz, Jennifer Lawrence, and more dressed way down over the weekend.

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