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Connie Britton Rightfully Enters Texas Abortion Debate

Photo: Getty Images

Actress Connie Britton knows where she’s needed. Heeding the call of meme arbiters who say Britton should play Wendy Davis in the Lifetime movie version of Davis’s difficult upbringing and heroic filibuster (a story recently co-opted by Rick Perry), the actress has weighed in on the Texas abortion debate. USA Today reports Britton has teamed up with Planned Parenthood Action Fund on a T-shirt that refers to a strong, pro-choice Texas woman she’s already portrayed — Friday Night Lights’ Tami Taylor. “What Would Tami Taylor Do?” ask the $22 to $32 orange and white shirts. “I have been inspired by how people around the country have united to stand with the women of Texas,” Britton said in a statement, “and I can’t help but think that, in this moment, we all have the opportunity to join with and become strong, powerful Texas men and women.”

Connie Britton Enters Texas Abortion Debate