The Cut Talks Ex-Boyfriends With Superman and Hoda Kotb

Hoda Kotb finds ex-boyfriend cyberstalking “so tempting,” but mid-nineties Superman Dean Cain resists his exes. So we learned today when the Cut’s Maureen O’Connor discussed “All My Exes Live in Texts: Why the Social Media Generation Never Really Breaks Up” on the the Today show. Does Dean Cain peek at his exes’ lives online? “I occasionally have peeked. Not very often, I’m pretty much a clean-break guy.” Notes Hoda, “There’s a difference between a curiosity and a weird, stalking, jealousy thing.”

“It’s how we understand our personal histories,” Maureen said. “You always tell the story of your ex-boyfriends as, ‘Remember when I had that life? What would it be like if I’d stayed with him?’” On social media, “You now see it playing out. You can sort of see what it would have been like if I’d followed him to California and had that life. And I think it can be sad, but it can also be comforting in some ways. It helps you define who you ended up becoming.”

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The Cut Talks Exes With Superman and Hoda Kotb