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Five Unexpected Hair Lessons From Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung.
Alexa Chung. Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Now that Alexa Chung is a L’Oreal spokesperson, she’s actually paid to talk about hair, and turns out she’s very good at it — an illuminating interview with British magazine Stylist contains over 1,100 words on the subject. Below, some choice quotes on hair and breakups, hair on planes, hair on the dance floor, and other hair wisdom that you never had any idea you needed.

1. Topknots require lipstick.Sometimes I’ve been known to try a topknot, but because I’m obsessed with balancing things out, I’ll only wear a topknot with lipstick. Without lipstick on, you’re just looking at the topknot.”

2. If you go bald, it’s not the end of the world. “I actually wouldn’t sweat it if my hair fell out. I’d probably get one of those bright Jamaican Rasta hats with dreads attached to it and just wear that.”

3. If you’re feeling down in the dumps, do not — repeat, do not — do anything to your hair. “Hair is so linked to how we feel and everyone goes for something radical after a break-up, but my advice if you’ve just suffered heartbreak or you’ve broken up with someone, is to not touch your hair … you’re not in a fit state to make decisions that are long-term – you’ll have to spend the next four years growing it out. Don’t have a fringe cut. Don’t bleach it. Don’t do anything, because you will regret it. Buy a lipstick instead. Go and kiss loads of other people, but don’t fucking touch your hair, as you’ll still feel sad – and you’ll have weird hair. I always think people’s hair looks really weird when they’re sad anyway. When my friends are heartbroken I can tell that they’re sad; their hair just starts looking a bit forlorn. Like when Britney Spears got sad and shaved off her hair. That’s the ultimate warning – heed that. If you’re not feeling good don’t do anything to your hair.”

4. Hair affects the way you dance. “If you’ve got long hair you can do the classic girl moves, just swinging your hair from side to side. If you’ve got short hair you’ve got to be more creative with your dance moves and inject a little comedy.”

5. If you have brown hair, bring hats for plane rides, but if you’re blonde, don’t worry about it. “Blonde hair seems to just travel really well. If you’ve got dark, fine hair like mine, then you’ll always look crap at the end of a flight, but blondes step off the plane looking really nice and fresh. I fly a lot, so I notice these things. I’d also advise taking a hat when you’re traveling – you’ll also look slightly like you’re in a band at the airport. I might actually consider keeping my luggage in a guitar case one day.

Five Unexpected Hair Lessons From Alexa Chung