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Was the Hair at Chanel Couture Inspired by Kid ’n Play?

Photo: Imaxtree, Getty Images

At the Chanel couture show, there were piles of rubble, Rihanna in an ankle-length cardigan, and models with flattops. The boxy, gravity-defying do was born in the fifties (by way of the crew cut) and exaggerated in the eighties by Will Smith (from the Fresh Prince years), Bobby Brown, and Christopher Reid (one half of Kid ’n Play). Reid was a notable adopter of the style, so maybe hairstylist Sam McKnight was inspired by him? Or, since the dos had ponytails, perhaps they were modeled after Lagerfeld’s signature locks? Either way, we’ve included a music video by the rap group to jog your hip-hop memory. Click on that, then through the runway slideshow for a heightened couture experience. Oh-la-oh-la-eeey.

Hair at Chanel Couture, Inspired by Kid ’n Play