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Harry Brant ‘Very Adamant’ About Learning to Drive

Harry Brant.
Harry Brant. Photo: Billy Farrell/ NYC

“It’s been kind of a lull of a summer,” sighed 16-year-old Harry Brant at the annual Watermill Center summer benefit, held over the weekend in the Hamptons. “Except,” he added, “I’m starting to drive now!” He does most of his practicing in the driveway by himself, as his family members aren’t exactly trustworthy behind the wheel (although he won’t name names): “I won’t get in the car with certain people,” he told the Cut. “But I’m very adamant about getting my drivers license.” Such is the burden of suburban living, after all. “I live in Connecticut, so if I could drive to the city by myself, that’s when I know that I’m a good driver! I can’t do it yet.”

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Harry Brant Very Adamant About Learning to Drive