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A High-End Eye Cream So You Look Less Tired

Photo: Courtesy photo

It’s a bummer when you attempt to wipe away eye makeup that’s smeared under your eyes, only to realize that it’s not makeup at all: It’s dark, exhaustion-induced circles. One chic solution is the new cream from Eve Lom: The Eye Lift, which only holds half an ounce of product in its slender pump tube, is packed with six active ingredients that deliver results to the ocular region. It’s something that gallons of water, days of sleep, and a lot less Diet Coke could’ve provided.

While the brand’s Eye Contour decreases puffiness and hydrates skin, the Eye Lift does those things, plus boosts wrinkle-smoothing collagen production while giving the area a more lifted appearance. It also provides a dose of vitamin C for a brighter, more-even-skin-tone effect. Just dab it on before applying makeup and again at night following your cleansing routine; one pump dispenses the perfect dollop of pearly white cream for the under-eye and eyelid regions. Though $75 for this teeny bit of eye cream might seem extravagant, it’s worth looking like you got sleep, right?

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