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Lady Gaga, Lindsey Wixson, and More Art-Party GIFs From the Weekend

Photo: Clint Spaulding

This weekend, art stars like Marina Abramovic and Cindy Sherman, fashion luminaries like Rick Owens and Cecilia Dean, and general famous people like Winona Ryder and Lady Gaga mingled with local Hamptons patrons and lots of handsome “maiters” at the twentieth annual art auction to benefit the Watermill Center. The arts foundation, which bills itself as a “laboratory for performance,” hosts around 80 young performance artists from around the world every summer, showcasing their residencies at a lavish dinner and auction. Bill Cunningham was on hand to capture this year’s Devil’s Heaven theme, which explains why many of the guests wore horns and red pants. The outfits were a mix of high fashion and art-school glee, and host Alan Cumming kept things jovial as always. Cut photographer Clint Spaulding was on hand to capture both the art and the scene. Scroll down for his beautiful GIFs from the event, including Lindsey Wixson in the smoke from an installation, an artist in angel wings, Alan Cumming’s active eyebrows, the auction in action, and Gaga arriving arm-in-arm with Abramovic.

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Lady Gaga, Lindsey Wixson, & More Art-Party GIFs