Listen, Nike, Women Can Be Sneakerheads Too

Photo: Stephanie Noritz

Recently, two female sneaker fanatics, Emily Hodgson and Emilie Riis, were trying to round out their collections with sneakerhead staples from the Nike Lunar Force 1 Fuse Premium and Nike Air Force lines. But they quickly found that “all the best Nike trainers, the good ones that look shit-hot, don’t come in women’s small sizes,” as they write on their website Purple Unicornreports PSFK. 

Their new site, a wishlist of shoes Hodgson and Riis covet but can’t have, is a plea to Nike to start catering to female sneaker collectors. They’ve also posted their correspondence with Nike customer service, in which they request shoe after shoe, and are told that many styles were never manufactured in women’s sizes in the first place. The obvious question is, uh, why? Nike is missing a major market, especially among fans of urban fashion trends in New York and London, the two women complained to PSFK. And we at the Cut fully support this initiative. Women love fly kicks, too.

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