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Miroslava Duma Wore Jorts to Chanel Haute Couture

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Someone was feeling comfy and casual during couture week. While we’re sure walking around in vibrant-colored gowns and matching heels can get exhausting after a while, the Russian street-style star decided to dial down her look to a whole new level while sitting front row at Chanel’s haute couture show. She dared to wear cuffed jorts — with pocket seams in full view — with a striped tee. She then draped a fringed Chanel jacket around her shoulders and added a miniscule canteenlike purse (that can’t even hold her sunglasses) emblazoned with the house’s logo. She still looked chic in black platforms, but the real question is: Would Karl approve? Maybe she gave up all hope in her style game after seeing that her competition was Leelee Sobieski and Jennifer Lawrence’s unbeatable skirt-pants.

Miroslava Duma Wore Jorts to Chanel