Mom Tries to Get Her Son Laid With Craigslist Ad

Photo: Tim Pannell/Corbis

Moms usually mean well, but sometimes they go too far, as evidenced by one Philly mom who abused Craigslist on her son’s behalf. She probably read that New York Times article about sex on campus and really wanted her son to be prepared for the wilds of college hookup culture, so she posted a Craigslist ad, gracefully titled “Sugar Baby for my Son - m4w - 18,” soliciting sex for her inexperienced progeny. The basic summary:

This is going to sound strange but my son is a senior in High School and I want to help him. He’s 18 and will go away to Harvard in the fall. He’s extremely smart but socially awkward, has never had a girlfriend and I’m sure he’s a virgin. I want to find a cute young girl to date him and turn him from high school nerd to cool college kid.

Calling all 19-year-olds! Deflower a Harvard-bound, former high-school track star with 0 percent body fat! In return, mom says she’ll make your “financial issues disappear.” Interested or not, you really have to admire her attempts to maintain the “authenticity” of the situation. She planned to set it up so that the two “meet cute” at a concert (spoiler alert: she arranges the tickets).

Upon first read, some issues arose: Isn’t this highly illegal? Who is this woman? Why is she perpetuating a cycle of sex-for-pay in young women? Isn’t her son mortified? He’ll probably be the laughing stock of Harvard! But then we breathed a sign of relief and realized this is probably all a scam and “mom” is just the scapegoat as usual.

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