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Neck Feathers, Creamy Silk, and Lacy Pom-Poms at Armani Privé

Photo: Imaxtree

The most striking detail of Giorgio Armani’s couture collection, which walked in Paris this afternoon, was the feathered neckpiece nestled beneath almost every model’s chin. On some girls, it covered their entire necks; on others, it was just a tuft under their right earlobes. It was an elegant touch on what was otherwise a pretty restrained collection, although it did remind us of that Alvin Schwartz story about the girl who has to wear a ribbon around her neck to keep her head from rolling away (“and then Jenny’s head fell off”). Alternatively, as our beauty editor pointed out, the neckpieces could be useful for covering up chin acne.

Other highlights: abundant crystal embroidery, tissue-thin lace tiers, and gauzy skirts trimmed with delicate black pom-poms. Yes, the casting could’ve used more diversity (of the 53 looks, only four were modeled by Asians, and all the other girls were white), but the clothes were fairy-like and beautiful. See for yourself in our runway slideshow.

Neck Feathers and Creamy Silk at Armani Privé