Nick Gruber No Longer Speaks Ill of Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein and Nick Gruber.
Calvin Klein and Nick Gruber. Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

As we’ve come to expect, Calvin Klein’s 23-year-old on-again, off-again boyfriend says a lot of amazing things in a new interview with Daily Front Row. (And, judging by his unwillingness to say anything about Calvin — who’s been taking him on taco dates lately — things are now back on with the former designer.) Here’s a good one:

Do you still want to go to college?
I went to NYU.

You did?
Well, I got accepted. But college isn’t for everyone. It wouldn’t be for me. Outdoor activities and working with other people are for me. 

Sadly, his tell-all book about Calvin has been scrapped, too (“I didn’t want to hurt someone that I truly love. The book was a stupid idea”), but he is more than happy to tell stories about his hard-partying days:

What’s your best memory of the Hamptons?
One of my favorites was a birthday party. Not Billy Joel’s. It was a big, huge party. Not Bon Jovi’s. Not Elton John’s. [Looks up photos on his phone.] It was Billy Joel’s birthday! Bruce Bearstring performed. Am I saying that right?

Do you mean Springsteen?
Yeah! Him [laughs]. There were so many celebrities. I had a blast.

A blast indeed. Gruber is still plotting his return to New York, which means there’s much more to look forward to.