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Reading the Royal Baby’s Complete Astrological Chart

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On July 22, 2013, the future King of England was born with the Sun in Cancer, the Moon in Capricorn, and the Ascendant, or rising sign, as Scorpio.  It should be noted that his father, Prince William, and his grandmother, Princess Diana, were also born with the Sun in Cancer. This combination creates a superbly competent monarch indeed, but also a complicated personality: Under his coat of armor, he is in fact quite deep and emotionally intense.

Growing up there will be inner conflict, as the Sun opposes the Moon at his birth. He will have difficulty satisfying both his need to be an individual and the responsibility of his birthright. He is apt to doubt his capabilities. But because Mars and Jupiter aspect, he will gain self-confidence through life experience. He has a fervent will to succeed and inspires the same confidence and courage in others. His agenda will be pushed forward with great force. The Prince will be extremely proud and protective of his heritage and quite stern when it comes to defending his kingdom. He will not be averse to challenge or danger and will function well in crisis, but will rarely initiate a confrontation.

The gathering of the Sun, Mercury, Mars and an exalted Jupiter (the Great Benevolent) in the ninth house of God is noteworthy for a monarch and suggests that the Prince will balance severity with mercy and that world travel, foreign cultures, and studies will greatly broaden his understanding of the ways he rules his people and provide a diplomatic and philosophical turn of mind. Mercury opposite Pluto assures that he will be a forceful and convincing speaker with the ability to influence other people’s thinking by sheer power of conviction. Quite fittingly, the tenth house of profession occupies Leo, the most regal of the zodiac. Leo’s ruler, the Sun, occupies the ninth house of wisdom.

Saturn in the first house and the Moon in Capricorn lend a mature, disciplined, serious attitude toward life. To others, he will appear stern. He will, in fact, be intuitive about other people, especially about their unspoken feelings or hidden motives. He will be cautious, even suspicious, until he gets to know and trust people.

Although he will be very attractive to the opposite sex owing to his enigmatic nature and will produce an heir, Venus finds its fall in Virgo. He will be timid about expressing too much sentiment and emotion. Venus in the eleventh house shows that he is sociable, albeit secretive and mysterious, and he will intrigue and captivate the world.

David Scoroposki is the (new) astrologer for the Cut.

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The Royal Baby’s Complete Astrological Chart