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You Can Now Smooth Skin’s Surface With the Slime of a Snail

Photo: iStockphoto

Snails can be tiny garden terrors, slowly inching their way across your precious flora and making it their dinner. Yet this intake of nutritious leafy greens, along with the snails’ own digestive process, is what make their slimy secretions useful in the fight against wrinkles. Example A: Clinical Salon, a spa in Tokyo, which is looking to these slithering mollusks as their latest skin-care gimmick. For around $300, the “Celebrity Escargot Course” includes an hour-long treatment that involves a cleansing session followed by a snail walkabout on your mug (there are masks and doses of electric current, too). This slimy trail of antioxidant and hyaluronic-acid-rich goop will allegedly treat your skin so that it brightens and glows from within. But these snails aren’t just garden-variety creatures; according to the Daily Mail, the five special snails that are “employed” by the spa are “fed on organic vegetables, including carrots, spinach, Swiss chard and Japanese komatsuna greens.” In this case, that nutritious diet is passed onto you.

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Smooth Skin’s Surface With the Slime of a Snail