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Tailored Suits Lead to Online Dating Success, Says Suit Company

Photo: Arden Reed

Add “bad suits” to your list of OkCupid deal-breakers (along with threesome requests and people who like “all kinds of music”). According to a four-month-long study from OkCupid and custom-suit company Arden Reed, men who tailor their suits get better reception on OkC than men who settle for ill-fitting, off-the-rack ones. After four months of monitoring ten fake profiles — some featuring a model wearing a fitted suit, others featuring the same model wearing an oversize, cheap version — results showed men in fitted suits were 2.3 times more likely to be checked out and received 3.5 times as many messages. How could women even really tell the difference?  It must be some evolutionary byproduct securing our reproductive successes or something. Either way, we absolutely trust this study on the importance of tailored suits from a suit tailor.

Photo: Arden Reed

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Suits Matter in Online Dating, Says Suit Company