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To Discuss: Sydney Leathers’s High-Waisted Bikini

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The beret never really recovered from its association with White House intern turned mistress Monica Lewinsky. Will the high-waisted bikini ever recover from Anthony Weiner sext friend Sydney Leathers, who donned the retro style in a black floral for her first-ever beach photo op? I hope so. Where the Post saw “a frumpy schoolmarm,” I see a beer-drinking, Brooklyn rockabilly type. Besides, this week in tabloids demonstrated that the fifties-style bikini, which came back into fashion between one and two summers ago, is ideal for the tricky but obligatory celebrity bikini photo op.

The high-waisted bikini is practical. Its sturdy coverage allowed Leathers to adopt a number of athletic poses as she frolicked in the surf for the paparazzo without risk of wardrobe malfunction. Crucial, as Leathers is rumored to be considering monetizing her naked likeness with Vivid Entertainment.

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It is also democratic. Not all celebrities who pose for bikini photo ops have a National Enquirer–caliber “best beach body.” The high-waisted bikini packs in protruding guts, lengthens the leg, and draws attention to the natural waist. It is so universally flattering that stores can call it the “fatkini” and it will still sell out. Snooki wore one for her post-baby beach body debut.

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A more womanly look than the girly-sporty bikini, the high-waisted bikini looks less artificial when paired with camera-friendly makeup. Over the weekend, Taylor Swift was photographed wearing her preferred style with her other now-signature red lipstick. She was out paddle-boarding with non-boyfriend Ed Sheeran, but she looked like she was posing in a fifties beauty contest. She looked like a winner.

Discuss: Sydney Leathers’s High-Waisted Bikini