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Male Gaze: Terence Stamp Smoldering With Jean Shrimpton

Photo: Terry O’Neill/Getty Images

The latest installment in our series of vintage contact sheets, featuring images from photography archives.

Today, Terence Stamp turned 75 years old. While the British actor now sports a wispy white mane that’s reminiscent of cotton candy, there remains a sternness to his face that was evident even in his heyday — the sixties — when his dark locks, piercing eyes, and rugged bone structure turned him into an instant heartthrob. He romanced a slew of women who were notoriously gorgeous, including Julie Christie, Brigitte Bardot, and supermodel Jean “the Shrimp” Shrimpton. In the contact sheet above, photographer Terry O’Neill snapped the actor giving frame after frame of gaunt face alongside the wide-eyed, fresh-faced Shrimp in London, 1963. Click the image to enlarge, then zoom around to see whether the serious Stamp ever breaks into a smile. (Spoiler: He does, just once, and it’s endearing.)

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Terence Stamp Smoldering With Jean Shrimpton