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Use a Foundation Brush to Apply Moisturizer

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Almost every makeup artist in the industry will agree that using the warmth of your hands to apply skin-care products and makeup to your face makes everything absorb nicely and seep into the complexion better. But I don’t love getting my hands dirty. During my morning beauty routine, I find myself rinsing my hands multiple times after each application of serum, moisturizer, and foundation. It’s tedious and dehydrates my skin. However, a week ago, while getting my makeup done for a photo shoot, a makeup artist used a foundation brush to apply skin-care products to my face, and I had what can only be described as an “Ah-ha!” moment.

Over the weekend, I took two synthetic-tipped foundation brushes from Claudio Riaz (though you can use any foundation brush you like) and used one to paint on serum and another to dip into my jar of face cream (I skipped foundation). The results were lovely, and since I wasn’t using my hands, the process felt cooling to my skin (much appreciated when the temp outside is hovering around 100 degrees). The application took a minute longer than it would normally, when I just hurriedly slap the stuff on, because the brush felt almost massagelike and calming, so it required more willpower to stop the sweeping. The cream didn’t get caught in my eyebrows which often happens when I use my hands and requires a quick clean before applying brow pencil. In the end, it didn’t take any longer than my regular morning routine because I wasn’t washing my hands over and over again. Though I imagine cleaning the brushes will make up for that later in the week. Despite that, I think I’ll continue to sweep those cream-laden bristles over my face and keep my hands pristine.

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Use a Foundation Brush to Apply Moisturizer