Watch Texas Legislature’s Best Pro-Choice Testimony Yet

Texas’s state Senate is expected to pass the anti-abortion bill made famous by Wendy Davis, but not before its Health and Human Services received a blistering performance review from Texas resident Sarah Slamen (@victorianprude). “I had some really eloquent remarks written out but you guys have just worn me out all day with all this terrible science and glad-handing,” Slamen began, at the bill’s committee hearing. You might be glad she threw the speech out too, when she explains that Senator Donna Campbell, a pro-life ophthalmologist, ought to limit her medical expertise to the children who will get chlamydia of the eye, thanks to the state’s poor sex-ed. Slamen was forcibly removed from the hearing mid-testimony for, she tells Daily Kos, being “disrespectful.” Slamen’s moving to New York soon, where she will probably fit in.

Watch Texas’s Best Pro-Choice Testimony Yet