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This Is What Happens When You Ask a Stranger for Sex

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Social experiment/prank group Whatever posted two videos yesterday that give visual evidence of the results of a widely cited study from 1989, which found that when a female college student asked a male colleague if he wanted to have sex with her, 69 to 75 percent of the men said yes. In the reverse situation, not a single woman agreed to the proposition, the Daily Dot reports.

Thanks to YouTube, we can see the results of that study in action. When a man asked 100 women to engage in a casual romp, he was greeted with shrieks of laughter, some liquid in the face, and 100 no’s. Standard. Though we know some of the real reasoning behind the shutdowns is that women know it’s unlikely the sex would be pleasurable, and they are afraid of the the slut stigma and cultural backlash. In fact, research by Terri Conley at University of Michigan found that under the right circumstances, women are just as inclined to say yes to a pleasant, safe, casual sexual experience. So what happens when you send an attractive young woman out on the same task? The follow-up video, “Asking Men for Sex: A Social Experiment,” shows that, while simply trying to find a casual-sex partner, a woman named Andrea had a 50 percent success rate; seven out of fourteen of the guys she spoke to said yes without much hesitation. She also had the cops called on her for prostitution, was called crazy (and told to go back to China?), and at least one single man “respectfully declined.” Maybe because he was on the phone with his mother.

What Happens When You Ask a Stranger for Sex