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So Beyoncé Is Sparkly and Naked, But What’s Up With Her Arm?

Photo: Tony Duran/Flaunt

Oh, it’s Beyoncé looking seductive on another magazine cover. She’s almost naked, in that fake-nipple sort of way, and looks to be wearing a very tight bodysuit made of glitter, or maybe just a lot of body paint and airbrushing. In fact, they may have just superimposed her head onto a sparkly cyborg, but if that is indeed the case, why did they give that poor cyborg a weird, disembodied left arm? Arms do not twist backward and slither around one’s own waist like that, even when they are slick and golden and supposed to belong to Beyoncé. Although it is cool that she seems to have sunlight bursting out of her right ear.

What’s Up With Beyoncé’s Sparkly, Naked Arm?