Which Color Nail Polish Does Essie’s Husband Wear?

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

In an interview with Into the Gloss, Essie Weingarten, the mastermind behind nail polish empire Essie, offred up choice memories from her years in the industry. She regales with tales from her youth (she was a self-proclaimed “tomboy” whose weekly girly treat post-ballet class was a manicure at a beauty salon). There’s also a walk down memory lane on the conception of her best-selling colors and their ages (“Ballet Slippers…is twenty-nine-and-a-half years-old”); her naughty polish naming process (“The number-one-selling red last holiday season was Size Matters…I was thinking about diamonds!”); and her personal aversion, yet business appreciation, for long “claws” (“You know, women who have nails like this take a bottle of polish.”)

But the most surprising detail was Weingarten’s throwaway detail on her husband, which came up while she was talking about the importance of treating nails like jewels. “I always like to do two coats,” she said, then added: “However, for men, one coat of Mademoiselle is brilliant. My husband, Max, wears one coat of Mademoiselle and no one can tell. Anyway, then you must seal the deal with a top coat.” But Max’s invisible manicures aren’t so secret anymore! Now everyone who knows him will be distracted (attracted?) to his glowing fingernails giving off that pearly Mademoiselle sheen.

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Which Nail Polish Does Essie’s Husband Wear?