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Art Gallery to Show Unknowing Men’s Dick Pics

Photo: Morgan Avenue Underground

This weekend, Bushwick art gallery Morgan Avenue Underground will unveil “Show Me More: A Collection of DickPix,” featuring the penises of 300 unknowing men. Part of the gallery’s “special two-day engagement with EXPLICIT,” the show is either a feminist response to getting flashed online or the IRL version of a revenge-porn website. Vice writer Talia Beth Ralph reports:

Four artists interested in feminism, the internet, sex, porn, and power have decided that the dick pics they’ve gathered are important enough to share with the public. Over 300 men who have engaged in a little harmless online exhibitionism sending this summer may be surprised to learn that their members will [be] mounted, framed, and put on display on August 23 at a Brooklyn gallery space by an artist collective known as Future Femme … Each woman is mounting their work alongside a photo of her own genitals, and producing the dick pics in a style of their choosing. Tansy is going for a grainy, 1970s porn look, while Violet has decided on a classic, glossy, high-end art gallery style.

Four best friends, each with a distinct personal style, uniting to discuss and display the penises of New York City — it’s like Hunter Moore took over the Sex and the City franchise. Meanwhile on the L train, Tansy was dealing with an ethically dubious sticky-wicket situation of her own.

Each woman used a different method to collect dick pics, each with its own ethical dilemmas. (One posed as a gay man on Grindr, catfishing her way to some 150 photos.) A fifth artist “dropped out for personal reasons: the project was making her uncomfortable with its nonchalant approach to sex.” Tansy, for one, is “not showing any faces.” But if one of her dick-pic senders shows his face at the show, she says, “that would be interesting.”

Art Gallery to Show Unknowing Men’s Dick Pics