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Australia’s Anthony Weiner Put His Penis in Red Wine and Took a Picture

Australia’s Anthony Weiner is more creative than ours. Peter Dowling, a Member of Parliament in Queensland,  stepped down as chair of the Ethics Committee after a spurned mistress accused him of misallocating funds to finance their trysts — and, of course, sexting. Whereas Weiner focused his artistic energy on the magnified penis in isolation, Dowling preferred the penis in situ:

The Courier-Mail has seen several explicit text messages sent from Mr Dowling’s mobile phone to the woman, including a picture of his penis in a glass of red wine, a self-shot image of his crotch while wearing boxer shorts and a full frontal picture of his genitalia.

“He wanted a Red Wine …,” Mr Dowling said in the text message sent with the image of his penis in the glass. Another image shows a grinning Mr Dowling holding the wine glass in a cheers salute. It is believed some of the pictures were taken in his parliamentary annex office.

Shit-eating grin, meet the penis-wine-drinking grin.

Dowling apologized to his family and colleagues for “the shame and embarrassment” inflicted on them, and also to his staff “for the calls and emails they will no doubt be fielding.”

Australia’s Anthony Weiner Put Penis in Red Wine