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Beyoncé’s Best PR Trick Yet: Chicken

Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage

With her insane personal archive, Tumblr-ed baby photos, and self-directed propaganda film, Beyoncé is nothing if not a publicity pioneer. Her latest gambit is to indiscreetly order vast quantities of chicken. According to the Daily Mail, Beyoncé ordered her entourage $2,200 worth of wings, chickens, veggie burgers, and sides from the Chelmsworth, England, location of Nando’s (a South African chicken chain) after the V Festival Saturday night. She used the name “Beyonce K.” In May, she dropped about $1,250 at its Dublin location. She makes herself known domestically, too: New Orlean’s Parkway Bakery and Tavern boasted on Facebook that it had made an exception to its no-delivery policy in order to send Beyoncé some po’ boys after her Essence Festival performance. These semi-controlled anecdotes push all our celeb news buttons: extravagant expenditure, gracious down-to-earthness, stars’ they’re-just-like-us food preferences.

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