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A Version of Nick Gruber’s Tell-all Book Exists

Nick Gruber.
Nick Gruber. Photo: Ryan Pfluger/New York Magazine

Despite Nick Gruber’s recent claims that he never actually planned to write a tell-all book about his relationship with Calvin Klein, it’s hard to ignore the hard fact that he actually did. The book deal was originally revealed in a lengthy, deranged-sounding interview that ran in Page Six Magazine last December, courtesy of his then-publicist John Luciano (whom Gruber was also dating at the time). Then, last week, Gruber told Gawker’s Michael Musto, “That was false information. I never said that I was gonna write a book.” Annoyed that their facts were being called into question, Page Six contacted Gruber’s publicist, Matt Rich, who issued the following statement:

A previous advisor, whom [Gruber] no longer speaks with, wrote up a proposal without [Gruber’s] permission or consent and circulated it. Those weren’t his words.

And so Page Six went to the mattresses and published Gruber’s book proposal, titled “Obsession: My Life With Calvin Klein,” which was co-written by journalist Lisa Arcella. Note to celebrities: You can always claim someone misrepresented your words, but you can’t blame someone else for words you actually said. Not that it really matters — we’re far more disappointed that his reality show never got off the ground.

A Version of Nick Gruber’s Tell-all Book Exists