Conservative Women Reclaim ‘Feminism’ for the Self-Reliant

Have you met the Chick on the Right? Bloggers Daisy (Amy Jo Clark) and Mockarena (Miriam Weaver) plan to give conservatism a makeover (from old, white, male to middle-aged, white, and female) in a new column in the Indianapolis Star. Their first mission? To reclaim the word feminism from liberal feminists “who screech ‘WAR ON WOMEN!’ the second they’re faced with challenges — or with having to pay for their own birth control.” They were actually screeching because the insurance policies they were already paying for didn’t cover their birth control, but, you know what they mean.

“It’s laughable when they depend on a cradle-to-grave government to take care of their every want (like guilt-free abortions and taxpayer-funded contraception), and then dress up in vagina costumes on Capitol Hill hollering for the government to keep its hands off their “lady parts. They can’t have it both ways. They either need to own up to needing a Sugar Daddy (whether he is in the form of a mate or a taxpayer) or woman-up and take care of themselves.”

Woman up, women! But how? By feeling guilty about your abortion? Abstaining from sex until you have a job with benefits and a 401(k)? Penning a super-lucrative politics blog and newspaper column? The specifics of Daisy and Mockarena’s self-reliance isn’t specified in the Star, but you might find some answers by reading their blog.

‘Chicks on the Right’ Reclaim Feminism From Poor