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Diane Keaton: Maybe the Best Actress on Twitter

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

If you haven’t checked out Diane Keaton’s Twitter account, get thee there. We love Twitter Diane Keaton almost as much as we love drunk Diane Keaton. She describes herself as a “lucky actress, friends with woody allen, visual explorer, serial renovator, and dumpster diver” and has a feed so positive and earnestly charming you can’t help but follow her compulsively (h/t Paper for pointing this out). She’s also really into call-and-response. Right now she’s asking followers to tweet her pictures of “beautiful men” and tweeting back her opinions (“lovely matt dillon … he looks like a greek god/statue”). Next week she plans to ask for images of “beautiful women.” Thanks for the eye candy, Diane! She also links to her Pinterest, which means you can now spend the rest of the afternoon exploring her stunning boards with names like “Light my Fire” and “Ebony and Ivory.”