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A Sexy Spy Story Gone Terribly Wrong

Spies, being sexy.
Spies, being sexy. Photo: Simon D. Warren/Corbis

It’s the stuff of James Bond or … really, really terrible porn: A 56-year-old police officer in Spain has been arrested for convincing women to have sex with him as part of a fake “spy training” process. According to the Telegraph, he targeted single and divorced women, told them he was a “spy recruiter,” impressed them with a collection of surveillance equipment, and then “persuaded them to perform sex acts on him … claiming they had to prove they were capable of doing anything in the line of duty.”

This is all sad and gross enough, but to make matters weirder, the man’s efforts were aided by his girlfriend, who allegedly helped him find his prey and then stole their jewelry and money on the side. At least eleven victims from the past year have been identified so far.

The man, whose full name has not been revealed, gave the following excuse:

[He] said he had done nothing illegal but was merely acting out a “fantasy” that many women liked.

Oh, so they were asking for it! Who wants to bet videos of their casting-couch sessions are available on the Internet, for a reasonable fee?

A Sexy Spy Story Gone Terribly Wrong