Elizabeth Wurtzel to Twentysomethings: Have a Plan

Photo: LBnyc.com/BFA

Writer Elizabeth Wurtzel did a Reddit AMA yesterday, mostly to give some advice to young people and aspiring writers. In case you missed it — and in case you didn’t already read Wurtzel’s 5,500-word piece for this publication as a road map and/or cautionary tale — here’s Wurtzel on how to be a 25-year-old woman in New York City.

I think it is important to have a plan. I am 46 and not married, and I am happy, but I don’t recommend this. My life is this way because I am pretty crazy and very intense, which is not good for marriage and family, but I think that is mostly what works. I also think having a career that is on track is what works. Having an orderly life is a good thing. In truth, my life is quite orderly in its way. I work very hard at writing, and I am a devoted friend, and when I am in a relationship, I am a devoted girlfriend. It is shocking how much time I spend with my crazy mother. And I have a dog, which is a huge responsibility. But I am carefree compared to people with families. And I think that weight probably feels good. In any case, I would say at 25, you should figure out what it is you want out of life in the long run, and make plans to make it happen. In terms of men, it is a great time to be fucking around and having a lot of fun, but I would start thinking about what looks good for the long run. I am really glad that I was incredibly promiscuous when I was 25. I am also really glad I did a lot of writing. I am really glad that I eventually turned 30.

Also: learn to cook eggs for your lovers.

I cook amazing basil and cheese omelets. It is very important to be able to make a great omelet for someone you have just slept with.

Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Advice for Twentysomethings